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SPECTRA is PAUSD’s Elementary (K-5) art program. Employing a variety of media, talented and dedicated art specialists teach a standards-based, sequential curriculum, appropriate for each grade level, that engages the hearts and minds of our students. Art programs and instruction provide essential first steps for students as they develop their ability to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and understanding of the world around them. Along with art experience, called Creative Expression, students learn Artistic Perception, the way an artist sees and talks about art, Cultural and Historical Context, the background and connections to other artists and society, Aesthetic Valuing, the ability to reflect and interpret what they do and see as they develop a personal sense of aesthetics that also reflects our culture and society. They make connections to other arts disciplines such as dance and theater, as well as the natural world and everyday life experiences. These components, the Visual Arts Strands of the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework, provide the basis for developing standards-based instruction and lessons that identify what the students need to learn and be able to accomplish in the arts for each grade level. They are developmental guideposts that include research, writing, discussion, and evaluation, of the arts. They also address respect for multiplicity of cultures, development of self-assuredness, and potential for a career in the creative industries. Within this context teachers provide avenues in which each student can work at a personalized pace and develop self-expression and awareness of qualities that are unique to them. Because of this careful planning and instruction, art making is connected to students’ ability to think, observe, create, use imagination, organize thoughts and feelings, assess critically, and respond in meaningful ways. They grow creatively, intellectually and personally to ensure their success in the 21st Century.

Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards: