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Music in 4th and 5th Grades

In 4th and 5th grade, students study music twice each week for 40 minutes. Fourth graders may continue with General Music classes or join Beginning Strings (through a lottery) or Orchestra (if they have been reading music and taking private lessons for 1-2 years). Fifth graders continue with stringed instruments, or receive beginning instruction on the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, or cello.

Skills and Activities:

Fourth Grade General Music

  • Music history
  • Music theory
  • Composers
  • Instrument Families
  • Music from other cultures
  • Singing
  • Recorder playing
  • Listening & movement exercises

Fifth Grade Instrumental Music

  • Music fundamentals
  • Music theory
  • Note reading
  • Rudiments of performance technique
  • Play music that is culturally and historically diverse
  • Performance at year’s end