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Arts Advocacy

Most of us are drawn to participate in some form of creative expression, such as art-making writing, dancing, cooking or any of those daily activities that ask for a transformation of materials and energies. The urge to create- to use our minds, hearts, and hands in unison; to work with materials; to express ourselves and our observations, our deepest longings, our greatest aspirations, our joys and sorrows- is one of the basic human impulses. Every person holds the potential to enter the stream of discovery and invention. Each of us contains a vast wealth of inner resources that invite us to participate in the process of creation.

David Ulrich

Look back to your childhood for keys of discovery and insight into who you are. What were you drawn to? What were you passionately absorbed with? Remember.

David Ulrich
The Widening Stream

Arts Advocacy

Stanford-Elliot Eisner

California Alliance for Art Education

CAAE promotes, supports and advocates visual and performing arts education for preschool through post-secondary students in California schools.

They are the only statewide organization that unites all primary constituencies for arts education, serving and representing over 100,000 individuals and organizations across the arts, education, public, and private sectors.

10 Things to Know about Art Education in Ca:

Kennedy Center-Washington DC:

The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN)

The mission of the KCAAEN is to promote learning in and through the arts for all students. The KCAAEN, a program of the Kennedy Center Education Department, is a coalition of statewide non-profit Alliances for Arts Education working in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to support policies, practices, programs, and partnerships that ensure the arts are an essential part of American K-12 education.

Harvard Project Zero

Project Zero is an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Project Zero’s mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels.

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