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Arts Integration Network

Elementary Drama

PAUSD provides opportunities for classroom teachers to integrate language arts and science into the elementary core curriculum. The program is called the Arts Integration Network.

This Arts Integration Network aims to create learning and teaching tools that support the academic priorities of schools and engage diverse learning styles.

Description of the program

During the past four Summer’s, PAUSD elementary school teachers have participated in one and two week Arts Integration Workshops lead by teaching artist: Piper LaGrelius; sponsored by TheatreWorks and PAUSD. This past Summer twelve PAUSD teachers were chosen to expand this work by attending a one week professional development workshop on integrating the performing arts into their classrooms followed by 20 hours of in-class mentoring with Piper. Through this collaboration, teachers are planning together, demonstrating for each other, and observing new lessons as Piper supports Arts Integration of Math, Science and Language Arts. Classroom teachers are developing lessons and units and documenting this work throughout the school year.

Throughout this process classroom teachers are accessing

interdisciplinary strategies, curriculum and pedagogy specific to the performing arts in order to better prepare students for the future.

Summer Institute

During the Summer, PAUSD classroom teachers, who have received in-class mentorship, continue their work of writing curriculum in a week long intensive, guided by teaching artist Piper LaGrelius. In addition, 8 new classroom teachers will be invited to join a new group of teachers. New cohorts to the workshop will participate for two weeks and will be followed up with 20 hours of in-class mentorship for the following school year.

Long Term Plan

The program has been designed to last three years: mentorship, summer workshops, and deepening content knowledge in the Arts for selected teachers for three years. It is our belief that after three years of ongoing support, teachers will feel confident to adapt and expand arts integration into all subject areas.